Fabulist Friday | My Top 4 Fabulous Items of the Week


Welcome to Fabulist Friday!  This is where I share my top 4 fabulous items of the week.  I have found some really cute items this week from JCrew Factory, Anthropologie, Ikea, and Target. Let’s explore the list….


I love pencil skirts.  They are better than mini skirts because they hide the jiggly stuff on the back of my legs.  Also, on days when I am a little fatter, I can just pull it up higher on my waist and it still fits!  Pencil skirts are not nearly as comfortable as yoga pants, but they are more workplace appropriate.  If you are looking for some new spring inspired clothes to add to your professional wardrobe, this is the perfect item.  This JCrew Factory oxford ruffle pencil skirt is a steal for only $42.50.  It comes in red and blue…so you can get two!  

I love to entertain.  I don’t do much of it as we don’t get many visitors.  It is their loss because my house is awesome and we have Girl Scout cookies in the freezer.  That just means more for us.  If you love to entertain, you are probably attracted to lovely serveware, like the Gardenshire Pitcher from Anthropologie.  The hand painted floral motif is eye catching.  

If you like Serena & Lilly, but don’t care for the high price tags, you are going to love this chair.  It has the same natural look, but at the fraction of the price.  The Ikea Stockholm 2017 chair is made of natural rattan and comes with the cushions.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It comes with the cushions.  And they are machine washable.  All of this will only set you back only $229.  I  would love to have these in my living room.  I can picture myself sitting on this chair, eating frozen Girl Scout cookies while drinking cold milk out of the Gardenshire Pitcher.  

Having family over for Easter?  If yes, you must serve eggs, or maybe a tiny dessert, in these bunny egg cups from Target.  Even if you aren’t hosting this weekend, you can pick up a few.  These would make great hostess gifts.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!