Currently | Updates and a Few Personal Stories

It is a new month.  So much is going on!  I have a bunch of little things I want to share with you that don’t really fit into individual blog posts. Today I am giving you a currently blog post.

Maisy Moment

To start, I recently caught Maisy while she was half sleeping/half watching This is Us.  She is a big fan of Kevin.  The episode we were watching was a Kate episode, so she took the opportunity to catch a nap.  How cute is this shot of our gray puppy in a gray blanket?  One word: adorable.

Getting Ready for Spring

This past week I had a hair appointment. This is not unusual; I see my stylist every 5 to 6 weeks.  In fact, I am paying for her to renovate her home. This time was a little different because I decided to go lighter.  Here is a dressing room selfie.

Here is a closeup of my new highlights. They are so pretty. I love it.  Thank you to the person that created the bleaching process.  It allows me to subtly hide my graying hair, and subsequently, my age.  Gray hair on my dog: okay.  Gray hair on me: not so okay.  

New Stuff

I am a member of a marketing program called Influencer.  It is great because I get to sample new products in exchange for a review or a post on social media.  A new product I have the opportunity to try is Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma Face cream.  I have been asked to try this new cream instead of my regular wrinkle cream for 7 days.

I had the husband take a before photo.  He did a great job at making it look like a mug shot.  I am looking for changes on my forehead and eyes.  I will let you know how it goes.

I am also giving a new nail polish a try. It is a lovely navy blue color by Zoya called Neve.  (Note: this was not a product given to me.)  Ironically, my actual finger nails look like crap.  My stress has been a tad bit out of control and my nails broke off.  I probably gained a little weight as well.  I am really not sure as my scale and I are not speaking to one another at the moment.

I am not that great at painting my toes, but I still gave it a try.  Paint is only on the nail; what more does one need?  Here is a view of the color on my toes.

What I am Watching


The husband and I are power watching Scandal from the beginning.  I have been a fan from season 2, but the husband is really late to the party.  He is tired of passively watching and having no idea what is going on.  We started from the beginning a number of weeks ago.  For the record, watching scandal is ruining the progress of my master bathroom makeover.  We are currently in season 4.  We are recording all of the new episodes.  The goal is to get to watch the finale live.  The operative word here is goal.

I am slowly catching up on season 2 of This is Us.  I love that show, but it makes me cry so much.  It is hard to watch more than a couple of episodes at a time.

Starting in a few days I will be watching the Olympics.  I am so excited.  I love the Winter Olympics because of the figure skating.  Go team USA!


We started watching the movie Mother.  Have you seen it?  I am a little touchy when it comes to what I watch.  I am what you might call sensitive.  We got about 30 minutes into Mother and I had the husband stop it.  There is this one scene that was a little too much for me.  The husband looked up some details online.  He wanted to know if I should bother giving it another try.  He came back in the room shaking his head.  We decided to watch another episode of Scandal instead.

I am looking forward to seeing The Post, A Wrinkle in Time, and Natalie Portman’s new movie, Annihilation.

Let’s Talk About the House

The husband and I have been putting all of our free time into making over our master bathroom.  The bathroom still looks awful, but it has potential.  I mentioned in my last bathroom update that the light fixture was inadvertently dropped and shattered into a million pieces.  This is the light fixture we bought the first time around.  It was great.  It is the same light fixture we have in our downstairs bathroom. When we went back to Lowe’s to pick up another one, I fell in love with this masculine beauty:

I love the look of the cut glass. It reminds me of a old fashioned whisky glass. It is just so pretty.  It is going to look great in that bathroom.

About the rest of the house…

Because we have been focusing all of our efforts on the bathroom, we have been neglecting much of the rest of our house.  I talk a lot about cleaning and organizing.  Truth be told, I don’t it run my life. From time to time, I just have to say, “forget it.”  Here are some photos of how my downstairs looks right now.

Yes, that is my Christmas tree.  All of our Christmas stuff is still up.  The husband says that keeping the tree up doesn’t get weird until summer.  It is only February.  We still have time before A&E’s Hoarders are interested in filming our home.

Even the stockings are still hung by the chimney with care.  Actually, I used push pins.  So they are hung by the chimney with push pins.  Still hung, nonetheless.

And while we are at it, here is a view of my office.  I have been putting off organizing the storage room.  All of the bins are out for me to start packing away the Christmas decor.  I just don’t seem to find the time.  

Here is a few of the other side of my office.  It is just as bad.  We pulled everything out in order to use the base of my desk to help cut the MDF board for the bathroom.  That meant putting everything that was on my desk on the floor.  This has me thinking that maybe my desk wasn’t so neat and organized to begin with.  There is just too much!  I need to purge.  I will add it to the list.  My very long list.

On more view of my office.  If you needed any confidence about your house, this will definitely give it to you. 

On a high note, I have made a few tweaks to the entry way. I painted a piece for over the table.  I really like the colors.  I used pink, gray, white, and even some of my new favorite color: navy blue.

What I am Reading

I recently started reading The Red Book by Deborah Copaken Kogan.  This is not to be confused with the red leather‐bound folio manuscript crafted by the Swiss physician and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. It is not that Red Book.  This is something else entirely. (Just in case your Google it.)

Synopsis: Clover, Addison, Mia and Jane were college roommates until their graduation in 1989. Now, 20 years later, their lives are in free fall. The four friends have kept up with one another via the red book, a class report published every five years. But there’s the story we tell the world, and then there’s the real story.

I am more than a third through the book.  I hate having to put it down at night.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day!