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How-To’s | Tips for Disposing Your Christmas Tree

December 28, 2017

The husband and I spent the week leading up to Christmas sick.  I had high hopes of spending my week of vacation finishing my Christmas cards, putting the final touches on my pom-pom wreath, and working on the master bathroom makeover.  So none of that happened.  (Yes, The Organized Wife did NOT send Christmas cards out this year. It happens to the best of us.)  Instead, I spent most of the week either sleeping or…

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How to clean a garbage disposal

July 17, 2017

Have you ever walked into your house after a long today only to be hit with an unidentifiable smell that makes you want to gag?  We had this happen to us. I drive most of the time when my husband and I go out. Therefore, I have the keys and enter our domicile first.  With my hands full and a little puppy half greeting us/half trying to escape out the front door, I am blasted…

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