My Black Friday Weekend

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday. The husband and I slept in until about 8 am.  It was great to sleep so late on a week day!  We slowly made out way downstairs to start cooking.  We had a great time chopping vegetables, listening to Christmas records, and eating.  All. The. Eating.

Here is an after view of our table.


After the food comes the crafting.  I have spent my weekend sitting in my office with my sewing machine working on a project.  Here is a view of my office right now.  (I am going to have a little cleaning to do when I am done.)  It looks messy and chaotic, but I am having a great time.

One of the things I really wished I would have time to pull together last year was an advent calendar.  This year, it is on!  This weekend I purchased some fabric, a cute pair of scissors (which will be in so many photos today!), ribbon for draw strings, and some stencils to paint the calendar numbers.

Most of my weekend has been dedicated to cutting and sewing these tiny little bags.  They are coming out so cute, but they are a labor of love.  I am excited for how it is going to look when it is done!

One of my 17 by the end of 17 goals was to make my own Christmas cards. I also picked up adorable paper and envelopes in order to get started.  I am really looking forward to this project.  The cards are going to be so cute!

I would like to add a pom pom wreath to my office.  My office has gray walls and light pink accents.  I found a light gray flannel yarn that will create a lovely contrast to the white french doors in the room.

When I was at the craft store on Friday, I found that they had these clear ornaments on sale.  They had 20 ornaments for $5. I could not resist picking up a box.

I am excited about the possibilities.

While we were at Target on Friday, we picked up three things.  The first thing we bought was for the house.  I have an wax burner that I move around the house.  We found soy wax melts for $4.  They smell so very nice.  We plopped a few in the burner.  Within a few minutes our house smelt amazing.

The next item we purchased was a canister for our coffee. We purchased whole bean coffee the last time we were out.  I love having fresh ground coffee in the morning.  However, we didn’t have a container to store the additional coffee grounds in between uses.  This cute little thing we found at Target for about $15.

The third item we bought were these felt wine totes.  We got them for $3 each.  They will be perfect for last minute hostess gifts.  If they don’t get used over the holidays, they will transition into the new year nicely. 

Don’t forget to come back this week to see the progress of all of my projects!