5 Simple Rules for Getting Rid of Dust Quickly and Efficiently

Dusting is not my favorite household chore.  It’s dirty.  Sometimes it is downright gross.  If I don’t do it right, it can make everything I have already cleaned look dirty again.

I hate to dust. When I see photos of some homes on Instagram I think to myself, “that must take forever to clean.”  I enjoy decorative items as much as anyone.  However, the goal is to have enough of these items in a room to add interest, but not so many they are just dust collectors.


Dusting is a big task.  This is primarily because dust is everywhere.   Although dust is all around us, there is no need to spend hours getting it out of your house every week. Here are my 5 simple rules for getting rid of dust quickly and efficiently:

Rule 1: Start at the top of a room and work your way down to the floor.  It sounds simple when you think about it.  However, it took me awhile to make this connection.  Save yourself the hassle of recleaning the floor after you dust a side table.   Starting at the top of the room and cleaning lower surfaces, including floors, last reduces rework.

Rule 2:  Dry dust before applying a wet cleaning solution.  I dust before I clean a lot of my home because it makes debris removal faster.  For example, I will remove dust from a mirror before applying a wet cleaner.  The dry clean removes debris faster and more efficiently than a wet clean.

Rule 3: Use the vacuum cleaner to handle the heavy lifting.  From window blinds to baseboards, my vacuum cleaner attachments handle the big jobs.  I can save time from endless wiping by allowing technology to do the job instead.

Rule 4: Use microfiber cleaning cloths. They attract dust and are washable.  This means fewer hand strokes to finish the job and a cost savings for reusable cloths.  It is win/win!

Rule 5: Dust often.  It sounds daunting.  However, cleaning a small mess is much easier than cleaning a large one.  Create a schedule and convince yourself to stick with it.

Have a rule of your own?  Share it in the comments below.  I would love to read it!



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