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10 Rules for a Happier Home

A few weeks ago I read a post on titled 10 Rules for a Happier Home.  You can read the post here.  I liked the post, but it was missing a few things.  I decided to write my own list.  It has been said that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  Today I am sharing my 10 rules for a happier home.


My house is not always the most organized, nor is it always the cleanest.  Right now, for example, there is mail on the entry way table.  There are two baskets of laundry that needs to be ironed.  Don’t even get me started about what condition my office is in right now.  Having a happy home isn’t all about having things clean and perfectly organized.  Instead, it is about the little things that making life at home easier and, well, happier!

  1. Put the toilet seat down – Whether the bowl is messy or not, I don’t want a reminder that bathroom cleaning day is looming.  Also, our house is part of the city sewer system.  To put it nicely, I do not need, nor want, any new pets visiting via the commode.
  2. Make the bed every morning – What a difference a made bed makes to a room!  The nightstands could use a dusting.  The floors could use a sweep.  It is as though a made bed tricks your mind into thinking the rest of the room is clean, too. If you don’t have time for anything else, make your bed.
  3. Dirty clothes go in the hamper – And clean clothes get hung up and put away.  We bought cute baskets that are ideal for collecting dirty clothes. For the most part, we are good on the clothes collection front.  This small detail really helps to keep clutter under control in our bedroom.
  4. Open the blinds or curtains to let the sunshine in – Open the blinds and/or curtains.  Natural light will make you feel happier.  Additionally, natural light is a great energy saver.
  5. Don’t wear shoes in the house – Shoes in the house increases dirt on your floors.  Also, shoes are notorious for leaving marks and scratches on hardwood floors.  I am better at remembering to take my shoes off at the door than the husband.  But he is better at putting his shoes away.  I suppose we both have room for improvement.
  6. Wipe the bathroom and kitchen surfaces everyday – Wipe down kitchens and bathrooms as messes happen.  This helps to combat stains on counters and keeps your space clean longer.
  7. Always replace the empty toilet paper roll – The cardboard goes into the tiny trash can next to the toilet.  A new roll goes on the holder.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than being home alone without  toilet paper.
  8. If you use something up, write it down on the shopping list – The best way to remember to buy something is to add it to the list.  Having a list at the grocery store even saves me time shopping; I find that I only have to go down each aisle once.
  9. Dishes get washed after every meal – Clean the the counters and the dishes after every meal makes the entire room look tidier.  Also, it keeps critters from being tempted to move in.
  10. Play music while cooking or cleaning – We bought a record player last fall. (You can read the post here.) Listening to music and singing along makes us happy.  We play music while we cook and turn the volume down to continue listening while we eat.

What is something that makes your home happy?